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FAQ by  codeecomedia

Answers to your questions codeecomedia

Find answers to your questions..... Be successful! Be a winner!

What makes Codeecomedia the best SEO Social Media Company?

Simple. We care about your Online Business. We custom quality packages. We listen to your needs (budget) and are always open to your unique collaborations.

Most other SEO Social Media companies are only in it to make a quick buck. They use random key word generators, random email blasts etc… and they deliver cheap unusable results.


Can I trust Codeecomedia?

Absolutely. We are a one of the most hard working honest trustworthy company you will ever deal with. We are not only the most efficient company with the unique mix of in house and freelance team members.


How long will it take to complete an order?

We complete all orders in the order they are received. Preexisting orders are always completed first.  Since we are extremely busy and we often have many orders All Standard orders are completed within 7 days. Epedited orders are bumped up in order list and completed in 3 days (excluding websites to be realistic)


What kind of Businesses do you cover?

All sizes from mom and pop to Franchises to large corporations. From local online marketing Attorneys Automotive, Realtors, retailers, Entertainers, celebrities, Actors/ress, DJ’s, restaurants, non-profit organizations, churches, synagogues, clinics, dentists, and more…….


How does Codeecomedia come up with its online SEO Social media packages for your business.

Well simply put, We are a unique creative company. We blend the creative and efficient of coding with an ecosystem (network) using media with our efficient team members to give your business a fusion of cutting edge technology and old school time tested marketing that fit in the ever changing environment.


What if I am not satisfied with the results?

You being satisfied with your order is our number 1 priority! So simply send us a message and we’ll do everything in our power to help. If still for some reason you are still not satisfied (we did not deliver) then we will issue a refund.


What kind of Businesses are not accepted?

  • Sites with sexual content on them

  • Pharma/drug related sites

  • Hacking/scamming/illegal sites

  • Adfly links

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